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1. Abstract Inhalt

Dear all, with this post I will break  with my own tradition, and will in fact write in English. Since it concerns some people maybe not speaking German this seems a fair step; however I must point out that everything said is my own personal oppinion which is legal to express in my country. See imprint for details (that is in German *dough*), particularly regarding trademarks and company names.

So, what’s this about? We all know that Google Inc. uses (ro)bot technology to harvest and mine web pages of their content simply to display these pages upon a „search“ request by us, Googles users.

It now seems that they have taken matters a step further and use them bots not only to collect information, but also actively spread out and use the intel gathered, in my case personal information displayed on the university web page. Don’t get me wrong. I want this information be displayed publicly, since I want to be found by people, so no harm in harvesting or collecting it.

2. First Mail Inhalt

Surprised I looked into my inbox 2 days ago, only to find a mail by „Jenny Burdis“ offering me a job:

Hi Christoph

I would like to ask if you would be interested in having a chat about our current job opportunities at Google? We have permanent, full time employment vacancies, as well as Internships if you are still studying.

If you would like to discuss this further then please send me a convenient time/date and your telephone number so that we can set up a time to talk on the phone.

If you’re not looking for a new role at this time, then maybe you know of someone who is?

I’d really like to keep in touch with you so please invite me to connect on Linked in: Linked in profile

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jenny Burdis
People Operations
Google UK
Belgrave House
76 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9TQ

With all that get-money-or-job-from-nigeria and stuff, I was about to throw the mail away, however, jenny burdis‘ real looking mail address, postal address and the fitting received-records made me curious. I decided to reply to this one, and -I’m not looking for a new job currently- told Jenny about „thanks, but no thanks“.

3. First Reply Inhalt

As a personal side note: I really do appreciate mails offering new jobs, however, since Jenny did not even look at qualifications and neither tried in any way to personalize the mail, I gave a not that polite but nonetheless honest reply. So here goes

Dear Jenny,

since Google is not the company one would like to work for these days, I’d highly appreciate not to hear from you or anyone else with Google Recruitment again.

Thank you, best regards,

Now, that should clearly have solved any misunderstanding that „Jenny“ might have had on intentions, and I considered the matter closed. Imagine my surprise when today I opened my Inbox and found the following.

4. Second Mail Inhalt

So, here goes a second time:

Hi Christoph

Many thanks for replying to my email.

I have a space in my diary tomorrow (Weds at 11am BST) to call you. Is this a suitable time for you?\



Apparently dear Jenny did not bother to read any of my lines or replied on purpose. Since I can safely assume that a big company like Google Inc. would respect its potential new employees wishes and I would further assume that a human person Jenny can read and understand what I wrote (honestly, it wasn’t that bad, was it?) there’s only one conclusion one can draw:

Jenny is not human!!!!! And no, not alien, either. I’d rather say man made, a young pupil, and miserably failed the entrance exam to the „touring“ class. Perhaps programmers thought no one getting an offer from big ol‘ Google Inc. could refuse and declined to implement a reply to a refusal, but funny nonetheless.

Of course, I couldn’t help to turn the sword a bit:

5. Second response Inhalt

Dear Jenny,

perhaps it is my poor English; I know, I should work on that, but may I ask which part of „not to hear from you“ was so difficult to grasp?

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know that I have an exciting new topic for my blog…

Thanks, and goodbye,


Maybe this time someone human will read my reply and we get somewhere, let’s find out where this leads… I’ll keep you posted.

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