Amazon ALEXA Lists Exercise – Put’em on Paper…

4.6 Alternative: use your Fritz!Box as print server

In case you don’t want a separate Pi, but do have a router, e.g. a Fritz!Box, you can most likely use that one as print server. I own a 7490 and simply by plugging in the printer, it would be available under the Fritz!Box‘ ip address, e.g. , or its host name, , and the RAW port number 9100 .

The ESC/POS code supports this RAW network interface through a separate printer interface, here’s the code.

Note that you need to change the secret and the IP / host name for your print server.

Small caveat: In my case, the UTF-8 characters that were printing flawlessly on the Raspberry Pi print server, come out as two ASCII characters. A German ‚ü‘ for example would become two of the frame characters. I don’t know if it’s the printer connector’s fault or if there’s something wrong with the fritzbox code, but a work-around is using iConv to convert UTF8 to CP437. It has most of the German diacritics, so good enough for me.

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1.   Kommentar von Tom
Erstellt am 09. Dezember 2018 um 22:40 Uhr.

great post.
Could please tell which thermal printer you have used?
The amazon link isnt‘ working anymore.

2.   Kommentar von McSeven
Erstellt am 10. Dezember 2018 um 20:27 Uhr.

hi, Thanks. The one I used isn’t available on Amazon anymore, but any USB receipt printer should work… Just look for what mike24’s ESC/POS library is supporting and buy one of those models… Best, Christoph

3.   Kommentar von Tom
Erstellt am 11. Dezember 2018 um 20:53 Uhr.

Thanks for the reply. This product list on github helps a lot.
One further question: Could you really delete the original shopping list with the skill? In your video you use the original „Einkaufsliste“ so you could also delete this one per API? In your code for the lambda it is „shopping list“ and not the original code snipped?

Danke und Gruß

4.   Kommentar von McSeven
Erstellt am 12. Dezember 2018 um 20:23 Uhr.

hi, well, the Einkaufsliste is used by the ALEXA language model. it translates into „shopping list“ in the skill. Therefore the difference… Cheers.

5.   Kommentar von BennyBoom
Erstellt am 07. Oktober 2020 um 00:10 Uhr.


Nice work ! I try to integrate it to home assistant .
Your video link is dead could you update it please?



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